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A Closer Look At Pipe Rehabilitation With FRP Sliplining

Recorded March 25, 2015

There’s no question there’s a massive need to renew many of the aging pipes buried under our towns and cities. But just how do you rehabilitate a sewer (built when Calvin Coolidge was U.S. President) when it runs under a busy traffic intersection in downtown L.A. and also includes a sharp 90° curve?

If you’re a smart contractor like Mladen Buntich, you work with a resourceful pipe manufacturer like Thompson Pipe Group and you choose to slipline with Flowtite® FRP.

Together, we were able to complete the job with minimum disturbance to traffic or to the surrounding neighborhood. We didn’t need to create the usual cumbersome—and sometimes quite smelly—sewage bypass, sparing the community’s noses and wallets. Engineers solved the problem of the tricky turn in the line using customized mitered pipe sections.

So exactly why was sliplining using Flowtite® FRP chosen instead of the more traditional cured-in-place solution? We’d love to share all the details with you. Just sign up for our March webinar and you’ll get the whole story—from us and from the contractors themselves.

Watch the webinar and learn more about the pros and cons of CIPP versus sliplining. We’ll show you why you need to specify Flowtite® FRP for your next pipe rehab project.

Written by flowtitepip