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What is driving the increased adoption of FRP in North America and what you need to know for your spec.

Previously Recorded March 31, 2016

Recent news, such as the Flint, Michigan crisis, has highlighted the fact that corrosion is the sworn enemy of any pipeline owner or operator.

For utilities and municipal authorities, budgets are tight and will continue to provide challenges, but at what social cost? Owners and engineers are questioning the necessity of managing corrosion, which requires operating and maintenance costs, when they can eliminate it at the design stage.

The sleeves, liners and cathodic protection associated with ferrous pipes cost money and have recognized limitations.

Worldwide, FRP has been specified in open-cut, sliplining and jacking applications, and can be used for pressure, force main, sewage and stormwater installations. However, adoption has been slow in North America, but is gaining ground.

This webinar will cover applications, information on how to specify FRP, the common misconceptions that have slowed adoption, and practical insights from Alan Plummer Associates’ Clete Martin, P.E.

Thompson Pipe Group—Flowtite’s Executive Vice President, Mike Leathers, and Engineering Manager, Jeff LeBlanc, P.E., will present this webinar with a live, technical Q&A for real-time participants.

Written by Hillary Ham