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FRP and Hydraulic Efficiency

Previously Recorded October 26, 2016

When selecting pipe for your next project, you want to consider all the economic and technical factors, including long-term implications relating to hydraulic performance. Join our October 26th webinar: “FRP and Hydraulic Efficiency.”

Pipe selection was once based primarily on purchase price. Today, engineers understand that lifecycle costs are just as important, if not more so. Hydraulic performance has an impact on many aspects of the total lifecycle costs of a pipe, as well as on installation costs. Our webinar will cover such critical areas as how comparing the hydraulic efficiency of different pipe materials may make it possible to specify pipe with a smaller diameter, thereby reducing a number of costs, including transportation and installation. We’ll also discuss how pumping costs can be kept to a minimum, maintenance costs can be reduced, operating costs be lowered, and pipe longevity be extended, all as a direct result of hydraulic performance. We’ll cover how sub-optimized hydraulic efficiency can lead to corrosion and leakage, possibly with costly environmental implications.

Different pipe materials perform differently from the point of view of hydraulic efficiency, and we’ll examine the relative performance of traditional materials such as PVC, ductile iron, more recent material developments such as bar-wrapped and steel, and the two main types of fiberglass pipe on the market today, centrifugal cast (CCFRPM) and continuous-wound (CWFRPM) pipe.

This webinar is relevant to a number areas of water application — including gravity, force main and pressure — providing actionable insights for engineers, decision makers and others dealing with the design, construction, maintenance and management of water and wastewater systems.

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