Flowtite® pipe and fittings are ideal for wastewater and water treatment purposes, providing real cost savings compared to more traditional alternatives. While the initial costs are comparable to traditional metallic products, the corrosion-free qualities of Flowtite® and its low maintenance costs, along with a minimum 50-year design life, serve to provide a true benefit in terms of life-cycle costs. Flowtite® eliminates the need for liners or coatings, as well as the need to inspect, maintain, refurbish, or replace this additional protection. Replacement costs for pipe sections that have failed due to corrosion are also eliminated.

Flowtite Fittings Model 3D

Custom Design Fittings Configuration

Wastewater and water treatment plants often require numerous fittings in tight spaces. Large diameter thrust blocks are bulky and difficult to use in confined spaces. The unique Flowtite® Key Lock Restrained Joint System allows for a corrosion-resistant product to be installed without anchoring thrust blocks. Flowtite® also offers fiberglass flanges for connections to gate valves, air relief valves, and other appurtenances required in a treatment facility.