Flowtite® offers long life and good performance characteristics. It’s important for the owner, engineer, or contractor to understand that FRP is designed to use the bedding and pipe-zone backfill support from recommended installation procedures. Together, the pipe and embedment material from a pipe-soil system provides support for the installation. Engineers have found that properly compacted granular materials are ideal for backfilling pipe, including FRP pipe. In some cases, installations have been undertaken where excavated trench soils have been used as pipe-zone backfill in order to save on costs. Our engineers have developed guidelines for burying Flowtite® pipe based on six different soil groups, from crushed stone to low-plasticity, fine-grained soil.

Factors affecting installation:

factors affecting installation

Installation types:

There are two types of buried installation, and the Flowtite® Installation Instructions below covers both. Complete instructions are available in Flowtite® Pipe Installation Instructions for Buried Pipe.

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