Portland - CASE STUDY

Flowtite® Used in Microtunneling Application

Portland, Oregon


On a Saturday morning in August 2012, residents of southwest Portland, Oregon, awoke to find approximately 15,000 gallons of sewage streaming alongside a local walking trail. A heavy rainstorm the night before had increased the pressure on the sewer pipe, causing it to leak five gallons of sewage per minute. To prevent future rude awakenings, the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services planned to construct a new pump station near the existing one and connect the facilities with a two-pass system. The first pass called for crews to microtunnel 380 feet of 72-inch diameter steel casing, and then, to complete the second pass, workers would have to insert a 63-inch diameter High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe inside the steel casing. But before work began, James W. Fowler Co., the contractor charged with solving the problem, identified a solution to reduce time and save money.

The contractor knew the strength and durability of Thompson Pipe Group’s Flowtite® Reinforced Polymer Mortar Jacking Pipe would complete the project with just one pipe.