King County - CASE STUDY

Flowtite® FRP Used for Wastewater Pipe Application

King County, Washington


In 2012, 57 million gallons of raw sewage was combined with polluted runoff from roofs, roads and parking lots and overflowed into Salmon Bay. Two 80-year-old wooden pipes, each three feet in diameter, which had been carrying wastewater under the bay to a treatment plant, had failed. Before cleaning up the bay and repairing the pipe, a bypass would be needed.

JW Fowler installed a concrete tunnel 120 feet underground and inserted 2,000 feet of 84″ diameter Flowtite® pipe using a forklift pushing a custom-designed pipe carrier. Thompson Pipe Group – Flowtite provided joint lengths of 10, 14 and 24 feet, based on the proposed curves in the concrete tunnel.