Adding more pipe every second!

World wide, Flowtite has installed over ft of pipe.

On average, Flowtite installs 6,561,680 feet per year, world wide. This equates to roughly 12.5 feet being installed every minute.


Flowtite Worldwide

Thompson Pipe Group is the only license manufacturer for both the Flowtite Fiberglass products in the United States and Canada. We have the distinct honor of being part of a global group of production facilities producing these products. This Group of Manufactures comprises of 22 production facilities located in 18 different countries.


  • Amiantit Fiberglass Industries Ltd - Saudi Arabia
  • Amiantit Fiberglass Egypt Co. Ltd
  • Amiantit Fiberglass Industries India Ltd
  • Amitech Germany GmbH
  • Amitech Poland Sp
  • Amitech Saudi Arabia Ltd
  • Amitech South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  • Amitech Spain SA
  • Amitech Morocco
  • Amitech Algeria
  • Amitech Astana LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Amitech Rossi (Russia)
  • Amitech Qatar
  • Dubai Pipe Factory Co. Ltd
  • Subor Boru Sanayi ve Ticaret AS - Turkey
  • Subor Gap Boru Sanayi ve Ticaret AS - Turkey
  • Fibrelogic Pipe Systems Pty Ltd - Australia
  • O-TEK Argentina SA (Inversiones Mundial (IMSA))
  • O-TEK Brazil Tubos SA (Inversiones Mundial (IMSA))
  • O-TEK Mexico SA de CV (Inversiones Mundial (IMSA))
  • Flowtite Andercol (O-TEK of Inversiones Mundial (IMSA) - Colombia)