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A Warrior Returns to the Fight Against Corrosion


DALLAS, Texas (PRWEB) March 2, 2016 – Thompson Pipe Group—Flowtite® ( is delighted to announce the return of Dee Bryant to the position of Regional Sales Manager with immediate effect. Dee has an impressive track record of leadership and dedication to the task of eradicating pipe corrosion by further spreading the adoption and specification of Flowtite® FRP pipe.

This product is quickly expanding in popularity for a range of applications, including sewer, force main, potable water transmission, hydro penstock and power, and more with various installation methods in new and rehab projects, including open-cut, sliplining, jacking and microtunneling. It will be Dee’s mission to actively pursue projects from Texas to Florida and demonstrate to engineers and owners the many benefits of specifying and installing Flowtite® FRP pipe.

Dee’s experience in the industry was successfully demonstrated during his previous engagement with Flowtite® until 2010, where he focused on the rehabilitation of failing pipe. Since that time, he has focused on the petrochemical pipeline sector. Dee now returns to the water utility sector, bringing his wealth of commercial and industry knowhow to the business of providing non-corrosive pipe solutions, in addition to renewing or replacing America’s deteriorating water infrastructure.

The job of bringing Flowtite® to a market in need rests on three pillars: knowledge, teamwork and leadership. With 25 years of commercial and executive experience in the field, Dee has the knowledge. He also understands the importance of offering cost-effective solutions to sometimes complex technical and business problems.

Prior to entering the world of business, he proudly served his country as Company Commander in the U.S. Infantry, qualifying as Ranger, Airborne and Air Assault. This speaks not only to his patriotism, but also to his leadership capabilities and immense drive.

Dee has the proven ability to achieve specific goals. And today, one such goal is the eradication of pipe corrosion in the delivery and recovery of our water. As a returning member of the Thompson Pipe Group—Flowtite® team, Dee brings new impetus to our growing success in this effort.

Building on our record sales in 2015, Dee Bryant will continue to grow the success of Flowtite® FRP across the South Central market. He will be based out of Houston, Texas.

We warmly welcome the return of this dedicated warrior to his new position as Regional Sales Manager, and to the ongoing fight against corrosion and a failing water infrastructure.

Thompson Pipe Group—Flowtite®,, is headquartered in Zachary, Louisiana and is a manufacturer of Flowtite® FRP pipe and other solutions for water, sewage and industrial applications. Thompson Pipe Group’s family of companies, with offices in California, Louisiana and Texas, is one of few American-owned companies with the ability to manufacture and supply water/wastewater to the North American market.

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