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Flowtite Shrugs Off Early Years to Become Key Player in the Trenchless Pipe Market

“The Flowtite name in pipe circles has been known for more than 40 years — with more than 1 million ft of pipe installed around the world. Making its mark in North America was a challenge early on; a challenge that the fiberglass pipe manufacturer has successfully met and overcome through patience, innovation and commitment to the product.

The company that Flowtite is today is a far cry from the one in its early years, which was on the brink of obscurity in North America. Arriving in 2003, times were tough for the company then known as Amitech USA. After being acquired by Thompson Pipe Group in 2008, the company worked to turn its fortunes around with a new name and a renewed and strong commitment to producing high-quality pipe products through its team of experienced pipe professionals.”

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Written by Hillary Ham